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The Cornwall guide publishing the hottest and freshest content just like a Cornish Pasty straight out the oven at lunch time.

Here’s what we’ve got for you on the site:

  • Guides to the best places from real Cornish locals
  • Food & drink hotspots and secrets waiting to be discovered
  • Adventure time: find the best waves, biggest beaches, intriguing history, cutest villages, funniest attractions, and most epic days out

Cornish Vybes is simply here for you. To show you how to have an awesome time in Cornwall.


We started Cornish Vybes because of a frustratingly boring, outdated, incorrect, or insufficient informational experience on other websites about Cornwall. We were fed up of looking for things to do and places to see only to find travel sites with a list of paid for adverts and directory listings. Cornwall is awesome in so many ways, and we decided it’s time to bring it to life.

So now we’re on a mission to modernise Cornwall online. That means up to date information, the newest happenings, and straight up banger content. We’re talking long form articles, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, we’ll even put the drone in the sky to get killer photography.

Plus stay tuned for Web3 projects like an NFT treasure hunt around Cornwall (p.s. can you put NFTs in pasties… asking for a friend?)

Meet The Team

Eliot Prince

Eliot Prince


Introducing Eliot, a globetrotting wordsmith and SEO guru with a wanderlust spirit and an insatiable appetite for adventure. With a passion for the great outdoors, he can often be found catching waves on his surfboard, scaling peaks on a hiking trail, or discovering hidden gems in his exploration of Cornwall.

Ben Pike

Ben Pike

Cornish Scribe

Meet Ben, a wanderlust-stricken wordsmith hailing from the surf paradise of Newquay. With a pen and a passion for storytelling in hand, from rugged coastal hikes to secret spots off the beaten tourist path, join Ben as he guides you through the very best of what Cornwall has to offer.

creating rebeccah

Creating Rebeccah

Lifestyle & Health

Rebeccah is a health and lifestyle blogger but she comes at life in her own unique way. More often than not you’ll find her enjoying a cup of tea in the sun or sampling local restaurants. Gluten and dairy free are top of her list when eating out. Her mode of transport is a wheelchair so she’ll give you the lowdown on accessibility as she goes, whether that’s finding the beach or grabbing a Michelin star lunch.