5 Roaring Go-Kart Tracks in Cornwall 🏎️

Written by: Eliot Prince

I can’t get enough of go-karting – it’s tyre screeching fun and always has been.

From my very first lap round the track as a kid to every corner I take now, I love it!

And we’re even spoiled for choice out west here in when it comes to go karting in Cornwall,

There are so many different places that offer it with awesome track!

Whether you’re a family with kids, bachelor on holiday, or a go-kart racing fiend (or novice), you’re bound to find it a fun, enjoyable experience. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • Some of the best places to go-kart in Cornwall
  • Prices and track options
  • Options for kids and more competitive folk 

🏎️ Start your engines and get ready to race 🏎️

St Eval Kart Circuit

st eval kart circuit go karts

My number one pick is always St Eval Kart Circuit – Cornwall’s largest kart circuit. Though it’s located between Newquay and Padstow just off the coast road, it isn’t accessible by either bus or train. If you haven’t got your own car while on holiday, you’ll have to grab a cab over. 

You’ll find St Eval open Monday to Saturday from 10 am–6 pm during the summer and open only on Saturdays during the winter. 

Except for the little racer 3–6 track, the circuits are open no matter the weather.

Pre-booking is a must! Sessions are 10 minutes long each, and you can book up to 3 sessions at one time. 

For the more competitive folk, you may want to time yourself! They put the fastest times on each track up on the website, so keep an eye out for your score — if you can make good time, that is!

There’s also a Grand Prix event, which can be held on any special occasion. If you’re up for it, form groups and race your friends, family, or whoever’s up for a challenge! It’s a whole lot of fun and seriously gets the adrenaline going. 

Described as the “ultimate karting experience”, there are four different track and kart options:

Adult Karts

For 16+ year olds, you’ll have the option of top-speed thunder carts (which can reach speeds of up to 70mph!) — among the fastest around. 

The track is 1 km long, giving plenty of space to zoom around as quickly as you like.

Junior Karts

For 12–15 year olds, the same track is available (don’t worry, these sessions are always held at different times to the 16+ karters!) but the carts used are less powerful, reaching speeds of about 35 mph. 

Happily, there is the ability for a parent or an older sibling to join you in a separate cart – making it a whole lot of fun for the whole family. 

Cadet Karts

For 7-11 year olds, a shorter 250 m track and karts with speeds of up to 20 mph are used. Parents are not permitted on this track. 

Cub Karts

For little kids aged 3–6, there is a little 50 m track that can be used with parental supervision. Keep in mind that this is not available in wet weather!

All protective gear is supplied, and a full safety briefing is required before every full day of riding. 

Prices are from £1 for Cub Karts, £10 for Cadet Karts, £12 for Junior Karts, and £17 for adults.

Adrenaline Quarry

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’re sure to want to try Adrenaline Quarry out! After all, their slogan is, “Throwing people off cliffs since 2009”! 

Situated on what used to be a quarry (hence the name!) go-karting is only part of the attraction here. There’s also a water park, a giant swing (the UK’s tallest, in fact), a zipline, and even an axe-throwing event. 

It’s a full-scale adventure park, so it tends to get really busy during the summer! 

Try to arrive 60 minutes before your start time so you can get kitted up and ready to go in time. Don’t get stuck in the Cornwall holiday traffic and lose out on your adventure time! 

The karting track is 800 m long, and the same track is used for all ages except infants from 3–6 who have their own 80 m track on electric karts. 

There are three other categories: Adult 16+, Youth 10–15, and Junior 7–9, with a minimum height of 1.25 m. 

There are separate Family and Adult-Only categories, and also Grand Prix events where you can form groups and race your friends. 

Adrenaline Quarry is open on weekends from 10 am–4 pm. Entry is free, but you pay per ride. There are free car parks available, and all equipment is provided. 

Prices are £15 for Adults, £10 for Youth and Junior categories, and £2 for infants aged 3–6. Book online through their website!

Coast 2 Coast Karting 

Another popular go-karting track is the Coast 2 Coast Karting arena. 

Located just a few miles from St Ives and Penzance, they not only have a go-karting arena but also free car parking, a café, and indoor and outdoor seating. They’re open Monday to Sunday, 10 am–5:30 pm. 

Bookings are essential here, and riders must be over 1.27m tall, 8+ years old, and under 20 stone (127 kg) in order to kart. Sessions can be held rain or shine and are 10 minutes long. 

coast 2 coat kart track

There are three different categories to ride:

Junior Karts

For kids aged 8–12. 

Single Engine Pro Karts

For those over 12, or more novice/inexperienced drivers. These karts can still provide a lot of speed without going too over the top!

Twin Engine Pro Karts

For the more experienced, these are some of the fastest karts in Cornwall and really provide a big adrenaline rush! 

Not only are there single rides available on the track, but there are also races that you can do in groups of two or more. As with the other options on this list, a Grand Prix event that can be held whenever a special occasion is on offer! 

The prices for riding here are £13.50 for Juniors, £15.50 for Single Engine Pro Karts, and £18.50 for Twin Engine Pro Karts

Note that prices are slightly higher, thanks to Coast 2 Coast’s excellent safety procedures. Full briefing and safety equipment are all included in your fare. 

Flambards Go Kart Track

Continuing our deep dive into Go-Karting tracks in Cornwall, we come to the Flambards Go-Kart Track. Which is actually located inside Cornwall’s premier theme park – Flambards.

Located in Heston, this track forms part of a larger theme park, which opened in 1976. Its slogan is “Best Day of the Week”, and it certainly will be if you love a bit of adrenaline! 

This park is open to all ages and experience levels, and is cheaper than the more specialised go-karting venues coming in at £5 for everyone – no matter what age you are.

The track itself is formed as a figure-of-eight track, and you can pick from either single or double karts (so you can ride with a friend). 

The single kart is for ages 12 and up, and the double kart is for ages 18 and up. Under 12s (between 1–1.5 metres tall) can ride with responsible 18+ drivers. All drivers must be a minimum of 1.5 metres tall!

The karting track is open from 12–3 pm, with longer hours during the busy season. 

The park is open from Easter to October each year, but there are some days in which certain attractions are open while others are closed, and other periods in which the park is closed for renovations. 

Check the website for updates, as it provides a comprehensive calendar for you to plan your holiday accordingly. 

Plymouth Indoor Karting

Plymouth indoor karting track

If it’s raining outside and you don’t want to get wet, you may want to look at indoor karting options instead! 

Plymouth Indoor Karting is very popular and very highly-rated with a 4.5 rating on Google, and claims to be home to the “fastest indoor karts in the South West”.  Technically it’s in Devon but we’ll let that slide for now…

Also available on-site are laser tag and a café, and you can hire out the venue for either kids’ parties or corporate events.

There are only single-seat karts available, and drivers must be over 1.25 metres tall and at least 8 years old. Children under 16 years need to have parental supervision. 

There are three different karts available for different age groups: 

  • Sodikart RT10

For more experienced 16+ year olds, or for those looking for an adrenaline rush! 

  • Sodikart GT5
  • For less experienced 16+ year olds, children aged 12–15, or families looking for a fun ride that’s not too over the top.
  • Bizkart EVO5
View from inside the go kart

A more chilled-out vehicle, suitable for any child over 125 centimetres tall.  

If you visit their website, they provide a virtual tour of the arena, as well as a map of the kart track. 

Booking is not compulsory but highly advised as sessions fill up fast! You can always check availability and book online, first, and a full safety briefing and safety equipment are provided. 

Group Race events are also available at Plymouth; in addition to the usual Grand Prix event, there are also Super Prix and Mega Prix events on offer. They’re much the same as Grand Prix, just a little bit longer.

Rides will set you back £13 for families and children, and £16 for adults who want to use the max-speed Sodikart RT10

Each session is 10 minutes long, but you can book up to 3 sessions a day – which works out at better value for money (£33 for families and children, and £40 for adults). 

The ATV Centre

Atv centre truro wide shot of track

The final track rounding out this list is the ATV Centre which is a stones throw from my home town Truro. Here, instead of go-karts, you’ll find ATV quad bikes!

Open seven days a week from 10 am–5 pm, all year round, ATV has the longest track in the country at a whopping 1.2 kms! 

If you’re looking for some jumps or cool tricks to try your hand at, you’ve come to the right place.

The track winds itself around a 10-acre outside track and consists of a learner’s track, an intermediate track, and a more advanced track. 

Check the website for a comprehensive map as well as a video to help you get an idea of what the tracks are like.  

ATVs are more like real vehicles, and as a result the safety procedures here are extremely thorough.

You’ll get kitted up in extensive protective equipment, receive a full safety briefing, and then get to have a few tries on the learner track – all free of charge. Track marshals are also appointed around the track to oversee you and to keep you safe. 

You’ll be able to find different bikes for different age groups here, too: 6–11 year olds, 12–15 year olds, and for those 16+. 

Unlike the other tracks, you pay for a 30-minute session on the intermediate tracks. For those under 16, this is £38, and for adults, £45

Pre-booking is a must, which you can do by phone or email. And if you’re looking for somewhere to host a kids’ party or corporate function, the ATV Centre can help you out!

If you really fall in love with quad biking, you can even purchase an ATV from their website!

Can you small the rubber yet??

In my experience, all of these are a cracking day out for racing your family and friends. For the top track St Eval is the stand out candidate while others provide other activities along the way at places like Adrenaline Quarry or Flambards (The latter of which is very family friendly!)

Go-karting is a great way to get the heart pumping while spending time with the people you love most. You’ll also be glad to know that it’s extremely safe as well, despite the exhilarating speeds.

If you’re looking for the best places to experience go-karting in Cornwall, you now know where to go.