10 ‘Funtastic’ Crazy Golf Courses In Cornwall

Written by: Eliot Prince

You’ve always got to love a round of crazy golf in Cornwall, no matter your age!

It’s one of those rare activities that actually does entertain the whole family. Plus there’s always an ice cream stall for a treat during your round.

And you really can’t go wrong in Cornwall as your mini golf is often coupled with a stunning sea view…

Adding to this, Cornwall has a surprising number of crazy golf courses scattered across its picturesque countryside. So brush up on your putting skills as I’ll clue you in on the the funniest, wackiest, (and down right frustrating) places for a round.

The crazy golf locations we’ll explore in this article include:

  • Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf
  • Woodland Adventure Golf
  • Holywell Bay Golf Club
  • Trenance Crazy Golf
  • Penwith Pitch and Putt
  • Flambards Theme Park
  • Greens of Padstow
  • Bude Haven Recreation Ground
  • Kidzworld Cornwall
  • Cornwall Gold Crazy Golf

Time to tee off!

Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf

St Micheal’s Road, Newquay TR7 1RA

This pirate adventure takes you back a few hundred years for a family-friendly, corsair-themed crazy golf course.

As you can tell from my damp and grey photo above, this is a good Cornwall activity on a rainy day!

There are 12 holes in total at Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf, each with its own unique challenges to overcome. These include slopes and themed obstacles that you’ll need to putt around to reach the hole!

The difficulty level of this course is fairly low. It’s intended to be played by adults and children of all skill levels, so it probably won’t challenge the seasoned mini-golfer. However, it’s still enough to keep you entertained during your visit!

Besides, the biggest draw of Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf is its incredible theming.

Each area has a different motif, ranging from Blackbeard’s Tavern to the Smuggler’s Passage. These are based on historical piracy or local Cornish myths and legends like King Arthur.

No detail is missed in this attraction. Props, sound effects, statues, and even fully dressed character actors are used to immerse and engage you!

There’s even the spooky Davy Jones’s Locker to give older visitors a fright! Luckily, this part can be easily skipped if you (or your younger ones) want to avoid the scares.

As you journey through the golf course, you’ll also be able to read about all of the characters and locations you come across. This means adults can dive deep into the history of the area while kids enjoy the golf!

Unfortunately, the age of the building means there’s no easy wheelchair or pushchair access. However, they do offer a place to store pushchairs while you visit.

If you want a memorable adventure for kids (or children-at-heart) to enjoy, Pirate’s Quest is a perfect day out.

Woodland Adventure Golf

Saltash, PL12 6LJ

china fleet crazy golf course

This mini golf course is tucked away on the grounds of the China Fleet Country Club.

It has 18 holes, all themed after a woodland, fantasy adventure. You’ll find enchanted trees, fairies, and other mystical creatures during your time at this outdoor golf course.

The theming here is very detailed. They reinforce their magical props with well-crafted sound effects and music that plays throughout the park. 

The interactive pulley bridge across the stream also helps strengthen the sense of wonder. All of this helps to really immerse you in the magical setting while you play!

They even have special, seasonal themes during Christmas, Easter and Halloween to set the festive mood.

Woodland Adventure Golf also offers the Woodland Fairy Trail, a themed walking path through the nearby woods. This is a great way to chill out and take a break after a crazy game.

Because the entire course is outdoors, you’ll want to keep an eye on the weather during your visit. Make sure to dress appropriately, too.

From April to October, the on-site Cabin Cafe & Bar is open. Here, you can enjoy some hot food, snacks, ice cream and drinks. There’s even a fenced-in play park for younger children to enjoy!

Though not the grandest or most expensive item on this list, the Woodland Adventure Golf Course offers a solid few hours of fun on a family vacation.

Holywell Bay Golf Club

Holywell Bay, Newquay TR8 5PW

Holywell mini golf

With breathtaking views over the local countryside and the beach, Holywell Bay Golf Club is one of the most scenic options on this list.

They offer three golf courses in total. Firstly, there’s the more serious 18-hole course that features a traditional golf setup. This is suited to adults with some golfing expertise who want to practise their swings.

Next up is the less serious, 18-hole pitch and putt. This is a great middle-ground for those who want some level of difficulty while still enjoying the novelty of a mini golf course! 

You can play over streams and ponds and conquer their famous cliff-hanging final hole.

Finally, they offer a 16-hole minigolf course that’s suited to people of all ages and abilities who want a more informal, lighthearted game of golf.

Holywell mini golf wide shot

No matter where you play, you’ll always be surrounded by the gorgeous views of the local countryside.

If you want to really soak in your surroundings, make sure to stop by Woody’s Bar and Restaurant too! They serve hot food, snacks, and drinks for guests to enjoy while looking out over the coast.

Trenance Crazy Golf

Trenance Park, Newquay TR7 2N

Trenance Crazy Golf

Nestled amidst the beautiful gardens of the Trenance Leisure Park is an 18-hole crazy golf course.

This simple course has a variety of levels, all fitted with astroturf, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Though there aren’t any strong themes, it’s surrounded by gorgeous scenery thanks to the park’s well-kept gardens.

Though the golf will only keep you entertained for an hour or so, the park has a medley of other great activities to explore as well! Between them all, it’s easily a full day of family fun.

Trenance Crazy Golf surrounding gardens

You can enjoy the swings and slides, miniature railway, Newquay Zoo, Waterworld Leisure Centre, and the lovely rose garden and lake. There’s sure to be a relaxed, outdoorsy activity for every age and preference.

Once you’ve tired yourself out, relax in the cafe with an ice cream or hot drink!

If you love getting lost in nature and having some varied, family fun, then Trenance Park is the place for you.

Penwith Pitch and Putt and Crazy Golf

Penwith Pitch and Putt and crazy golf

Chenhalls Road, St Erth, Hayle TR27 6HJ

Built from scratch by long-time mini golf owners in 2015, the Penwith Pitch and Putt offers 18 holes of fun for the whole family!

Each hole offers its own difficulties and obstacles to overcome. All ages are welcome and the course offers something for all abilities to enjoy, though highly skilled mini golfers may find it a bit too easy.

In addition to the mini golf course, they provide a 12-hole pitch and putt course, as well as a 9-hole football golf course. The facility is wheelchair friendly and has changing facilities onsite.

Penwith Pitch and Putt green and flag in hole

Once you’re done golfing, you can retire to the Tee Time Tearoom. Here, enjoy a variety of locally baked cakes and freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!

Nearby, a fenced play area is available for small children so that parents can enjoy their drinks without worry.

This location is a bit of a hidden gem. Though it doesn’t have the spectacular theming or gardens that some of the other locations on our list offer, it’s undeniably a wonderful place to relax for a little while.

Flambards Theme Park Crazy Golf

Flambards, Clodgey Lane, Helston TR13 0QA

This is a one-stop attraction that offers a huge variety of activities for kids and adults of all ages.

Flambards Theme Park’s minigolf course is themed after a prehistoric boneyard, with a range of fun obstacles to overcome. It’s fairly easy, and great for kids and adults of all ability levels.

Outside the golf course, you’ll find thrill-seeker attractions like the SkyRaker, Hornet Roller Coaster, and the Space Race. If you want something a little calmer, you might enjoy their Jurassic Journey or Ferdi’s Funland instead.

Finally, there are some historical setpieces for you to enjoy like the Victorian Village and Britain in the Blitz.

If you’re hungry, several places sell snacks, hot meals, and cold drinks throughout the park. They also provide changing stations and disabled toilets if needed.

The location is entirely wheelchair accessible, and has both indoor and outdoor attractions and caters to pretty much any taste. If you’re looking for a way to entertain the whole family for a day, this is the place!

Greens of Padstow Mini Golf

Greens of Padstow entry sign

North Quay, Padstow PL28 8AF

With wonderful views over the Camel Estuary, the Greens of Padstow offers incredible scenery while you enjoy their golf course.

The course itself is fairly traditional, offering 18 holes with various obstacles and difficulty levels. 

However, the surrounding scenery is unforgettable! Even ignoring the distant vistas, you’ll love the secret garden that envelops the course.

greens crazy golf views of river

It has a range of unique sculptures and beautifully-kept plant life. It’s constantly changing thanks to specimen planting throughout the year, so you never know what you’ll find!

Once you’ve finished on the course, you can enjoy their high-quality restaurant offering.

They offer a range of hot food and drink, as well as an excellent wine list. The views from the building are no less breathtaking than the rest of the grounds, especially from their outdoor patio seating.

Enjoying a glass of great wine while taking in the panoramic views of the town and local landscapes is truly unforgettable!

Bude Haven Recreation Ground

Level Terrace, Bude EX23 8LA

bude mini golf

The Bude Haven Recreation Ground has a huge variety of activities to enjoy.

Founded in 1923, their golf course features 9 holes themed after various landmarks from the local Bude area

This includes Barrel Rock, the Old Train Station, and the Bude Light. Learning about the local area is made even more fun by including some classic mini golf!

Alongside their golf course, the grounds offer tennis, squash, a bowling green, table tennis, a pool, and a putting green. You’ll have no shortage of things to do.

Once you’re tired, you can enjoy some time at the cafe. They offer ice cream, hot food, and drinks of all kinds for kids and adults. The staff are friendly and welcoming – always willing to help wherever they can.

This charitable trust location is a quiet spot where you can enjoy some games with the family.

Kidzworld Cornwall

Stadium Retail Park, Par Moor Road, St Austell PL25 3RP

Sitting on the outskirts of St Austell, Kidzworld Cornwall is known for being one of the biggest indoor play centres in the area.

As you can imagine – Kidzworld is heavily focused on – well, kids! 

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun for adults as well. The centre puts a heavy focus on involving parents in the kids’ activities to keep them engaged and entertained.

There are 9 total attractions available. These include a soft play area, a trampoline zone, a games zone, a canon area, the toddler park, roller skating, and, of course, the mini golf course.

This course is jungle-themed, meaning you might meet a sneaky zebra, gorilla, or lion lurking in the foliage! It has 12 holes in total, each with a different obstacle or gimmick.

The course is fairly simple, being made with children in mind. It won’t last you more than 30 minutes or so, but with all the other activities available it’s easy to spend a full day here!

Kidzworld is open 7 days a week, 12 months a year. It’s entirely indoors, meaning it suits any weather or season. 

This makes it an excellent choice for a family looking to spend a rainy day doing something fun! It’s especially good if you have kids of different ages since there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Cornwall Gold Crazy Golf

Cornwall Gold and Tolgus Mill, New Portreath Road, Nr Redruth TR16 4HN

cornwall gold crazy golf

Sitting on 18 acres of gorgeous local landscapes, Cornwall Gold Crazy Golf sits right in the middle of an old mining district and offers a variety of activities for families to enjoy.

One of these is a crazy golf course! It has 9 holes total, each presenting a different challenge to overcome. It’s fairly standard, with no strong theming or features to set it apart from the others on this list.

However, the facility offers several other great, family-friendly activities that make this stand out as a family day trip.

Notably, there are jewellery shops where you can buy all kinds of shiny rings, necklaces, and other accessories. You can even get a peek into their workshop and watch the expert craftsmen at work creating jewellery.

Additionally, they offer traditional gold panning, pottery painting, and Bear Works where you can create your own cuddly toy.

When you need a break, you can enjoy their award-winning food at the Cornish Pantry!

Cornwall Gold is a unique way to entertain a family for a day, with a great variety of informative and enjoyable activities. 

Time for Crazy Golf in Cornwall!

As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun, family-friendly activities in Cornwall to enjoy. 

It’s an area bursting with hidden gems and interesting experiences, all sitting on a treasure trove of great food, stunning views, and deep-running history.

We hope you’ve found our list useful, and that it gives you some great memories on your next trip to Cornwall!