Guide To Falmouth Nightlife – Pubs, Bars & Clubs

Written by: Eliot Prince

Falmouth is a vibrant seaside town that has plenty to do during the day, with endless shopping, bistros, galleries, and other exciting attractions. It draws plenty of tourists in the summer months – and for good reason.

The question is: does a quaint little town like Falmouth have anything worthwhile to offer in the evenings? The answer might surprise you!

This article will break down everything Falmouth has to offer when it comes to pubs, bars, and nightclubs. We’ll talk about our favourite places to hang out with a pint, and why we love them so much.

To be more specific, we’ll cover:

  • Whether Falmouth has a good nightlife scene
  • Specific venues, such as:
    • Beerwolf Books
    • The Games Room
    • Dolly’s Tea Room
    • Jacob’s Ladder Inn
    • Verdant Seafood Bar
    • The Boathouse
    • And many more.

Let’s get straight into it!

Is Falmouth Good For Nightlife?

Despite its quaint seaside exterior, you’ll find that Falmouth has a bustling, exciting nightlife hiding just below the surface.

Its nighttime locations offer great drinks, food, and everything else you need for a fun evening with friends. Plus, some of these venues have really unique features that make for a completely new experience.

Foodies will fall in love with the incredible culinary offerings here, while music lovers will have heaps to choose from when they go looking for great, live music. Even those who enjoy a quieter atmosphere will be able to find the perfect pub for them!

Falmouth is a quirky town, and its pubs and nightclubs are no exception. They’re different and not afraid to admit it – creating some truly unique experiences!

Beerwolf Books Freehouse

3 Bells Court

Beerwolf Books Freehouse

This ultra-quirky location combines everything great about a classic Cornish pub with the nerdy comfort of a bookstore.

You’ll find endless rows of books, and some excellent food and drink available here. The atmosphere is something special; a mix of a quiet library and cosy pub. Where else can you curl up with a great story, and enjoy an excellent beer on tap at the same time?

They offer six ales on tap, as well as eighteen types of beer in total. There’s no cooked food, but plenty of bar snacks to go around. 

Everything is there for you to snuggle down with a good book and let the evening pass you by. It’s the rare pub that you can enjoy with ease, even completely on your own!

If you grow tired of reading, they also have board games and pinball machines – great fun if you’re out with friends.

Overall, Beerwolf offers a far more relaxed atmosphere than most late-night attractions, but it’s perfect if you get overwhelmed in a more intense nightclub scene.

The Games Room

12 Market Street

Games room falmouth

The Games Room is another introvert favourite, offering a huge selection of board and table games to spend your evening laughing with friends.

Their collection includes pool, table tennis, shuffleboard, snooker, air hockey, and a range of over 60 board games.

In short, you won’t be bored here!

While you argue with your friends over the rules of Uno, you can enjoy some of their excellent cocktails. With retro decor and neon lights, the atmosphere is chilled out and nostalgic – perfect for a long overdue catch-up. The entire place feels like pure 80’s nostalgia!

While not the best place for a party animal, The Games Room is perfect for a quiet night out with friends. It also makes for a really fun and unique date destination!

Dolly’s Tea Room & Wine Bar

21 Church Street

Dollys falmouth

Another really unique location, during the day Dolly’s is a lovely, classical tea room. It’s furnished with chapel chairs and floral wallpaper, and feels like your grandma’s house got made over by a modern designer.

They serve nibbles and homemade cakes, along with an incredible selection of tea, cream tea, and coffee. Everything is served on fine china!

At night, the place transforms into a classy, candle-lit wine bar.

They offer fantastic cocktails in vintage glassware, along with hearty, home-cooked meals that taste like something your mum would make. Plus, their gin selection is ridiculously huge.

The atmosphere here is outstanding and completely unique. Dolly’s Tea Room oozes personality from every corner!

Jacob’s Ladder Inn

Chapel Terrace

Jacobs ladder inn

This pub is perched at the very peak of the famous Jacob’s Ladder steps. Of course, this means you have to climb all 111 steps to get there – but we promise it’s worth it!

The laid-back environment complements the incredible views over Falmouth harbour, making it one of the best places in town to watch the sunset.

While you’re enjoying the view, you’ll have your pick of Cornish ales and spirits, along with fine wines and Olfactory Cornish coffee. They also offer standard pub food – all homemade – as well as a roast on Sundays.

The pub is always bustling, with heaps of events happening throughout the year. These include local music artists, open mic nights, quiz nights, and major sporting events streamed to huge projector screens. It’s the perfect spot to chill with a pint after work!

Verdant Seafood Bar

Quay Street

verdant seafood bar

An offshoot of the famous Verdant Brewing Company, the Seafood Bar is tucked away in Central Falmouth.

It’s family and pet-friendly, offering a much more “fine dining” vibe than most of the items on this list. Inside, the bar is cosy and understated, with a down-to-earth feeling.

They serve incredible local seafood, with a seasonal menu that’s constantly changing. Eight beer taps are offered, along with wine, spirits, soft drinks, and bottled beer.

Verdant Seafood Bar is great for a quiet night out, letting you chat over beer and outstanding seafood while you soak up the homey atmosphere. It’s a warm hug in bar form!

The Chintz Symposium

The Dentist Surgery, Old Brewery Yard, High Street

The Chintz Symposium

This is one of the most unique pubs on this list, basing its style on the story of Alice In Wonderland. These inspirations emerge in its eclectic decor, vibrant colours and patterns, and incredibly unique features.

As you explore the building, you’ll find walls of mirrors, secret rooms, and a fantastical environment that bombards you with fascinating things from every angle.

Visiting this bar is an experience all on its own – and that’s before we’ve mentioned the food or drinks!

They’re primarily a wine bar, but also stock a wide range of cider, ale, beers, and gin.

Alongside your drinks, you’ll get to enjoy a pretty incredible range of cheese and charcuterie boards; all their cheese is locally sourced from Cornish farms!

While you enjoy your food and drink, soak in the live music, gaudy vintage furniture, amazing local art, and quirky atmosphere. They also offer events throughout the year, including poetry slams, debate nights, author talks, and burlesque shows.

As The Chintz themselves say: it’s a great place to put your feet up, relax, and watch the mayhem unfold!

Toast of Falmouth

18 Church Street

toast of falmouth

Affectionately called “Toast” by locals, this bar is one of the most popular spots in Falmouth at night.

It has an intimate, friendly atmosphere, offering eating, drinking, and dancing in abundance. Their lovely staff will help you settle right in!

You’ll discover a wide, unusual range of music that stretches from ABBA to Jazz Alternative. They also have live music and DJs on occasion, as well as comedy nights, knit club, and art competitions.

They offer a wide range of ciders, spirits, lagers, and local real ales. Their range of shots is also extensive and varied.

The food at Toast is excellent, and all homemade. They even have a sushi night on Thursdays, using fresh fish sourced from the sea that very morning.

If you’re interested in visiting, make sure you come early! It’s one of the best spots in Falmouth, so the building fills up quickly.

Small Ships

Quay Street

Small Ships bar Falmouth

Small Ships is tucked away from the high street. Its name is pretty literal – the place is small, so get ready for a squeeze if you come on a busy night!

The atmosphere is homely and peaceful, with rustic wood tones pretty much everywhere. It almost feels like you’re tucked away in the hold of a ship.

As you get comfortable in the cosy space, you’ll find an excellent selection of whiskey, craft beers, scotches, and cocktails. Their drinks are very unique and provide some novel, exquisite tasting experiences.

There are often events happening at Small Ships, including live music and quiz nights. It’s the perfect pub to have a quiet get-together or intimate date!

The Boathouse

Beacon Street, Trevethan Hill

The Boathouse

The Boathouse has been around for over 300 years and offers some of the best views over Falmouth Harbour, Penryn River, and Flushing.

They specialise in using local, sustainably sourced ingredients to create all their food and drinks. This means they work closely with Cornish fishermen, farmers, butchers, grocers, and breweries.

Their food is made with love, all in-house. It’s paired with an excellent selection of drinks, including over 30 gins, 20 rums, and a great range of locally brewed ales on tap.

They’re also dog-friendly, meaning your furry friend can join you for an evening out!


5-7 Church Street

Mangos falmouth

Mangos is one of the largest nightclubs in Falmouth, making it a popular choice for students and locals looking for some nighttime fun.

The building has two floors; one holding a bar and grill, and the other sporting a huge dance floor and high-tech sound system.

Their food is stylish and modern – and tastes pretty amazing too, if we may say so ourselves. Mangos offers all the standard drinks, along with a huge list of shots with hilarious names. 

The music here ranges from R&B to techno, with regular live music performances throughout the year. They also host a variety of local DJs that put their own flair on the celebrations.

Because this is such a popular location, you should definitely come early on busy nights. Otherwise, you might find it hard to get in the door!

The Cornish Bank

34 Church Street

The cornish bank

This is one of Cornwall’s best live music venues, hosting a huge range of local and international artists. 

Their focus is on creating a community art space where local talent can show their work and gain renown while their patrons enjoy the show!

This creates a lively, buzzing atmosphere where something different is always going on.

The building, true to its name, is inside a renovated, old bank. This gives it loads of character, with some one-of-a-kind architecture. They capitalise on this quirky feel with eclectic decor, including a wall of vintage suitcases.

If you’re looking for a truly unique night out, along with some great food, give The Cornish Bank a try!

The Kings

32 Church Street

The kings bar falmouth

From the outside, this building may not look like much, but it truly is a wonderful place to spend your evening.

The King’s is a small pub, but once they clear the floors and bring the DJ in, it comes alive

There’s a reason it’s a very popular spot in a competitive area. For this reason, make sure to come early! It always ends up packed by the peak of the night.

The Kings holds numerous themed nights throughout the year, based around genres like soul music, Doghouse, and vintage decades. They’re also a live music venue for local artists, which helps to set a great atmosphere.

Plus, their drinks are good and at some of the best prices around!

Just be ready to get hot and sweaty. With so many people in a small space, it can get pretty sweltering.

In Summary

As you can see, Falmouth is anything but a boring little village!

Despite its size, there are so many opportunities to get out and enjoy yourself with a night on the town. Even quiet introverts will find a place they can settle in for some drinks and spend time with friends.

We hope this list has helped you plan the perfect night out. Have fun, and get dancing!