7 Epic Beaches Near Truro for a Sandy Adventure

Written by: Eliot Prince

Looking for the best beaches near Truro?

Well, you’re in luck because Truro is ideally located to revel in Cornwall’s most famous stretches of golden sands.

While there is no beach in Truro, you can easily drive to both the North and South Cornish coast. Stunning surf beaches like Perranporth are just 15 minutes drive up to the North. While caribbean-like tranquil waters await on the South coast around Falmouth and Pendower.

Before you know it you’ll have warm sand under your toes and turquoise sea water lapping at your ankles.

Perranporth Beach

Perranporth beach in Cornwall at sunset

Perranporth is one of Cornwall’s famous enormous North coast sandy beaches. From Truro it’s just a 15 minute drive away with parking right on the beach front.

Even at high tide, there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy. When the sea recedes a little, an incredible 3 mile stretch of golden sand is unveiled as it links up with Perran Sands. You can walk the whole length of the beach exploring dunes and sea caves as you go. Just be aware of the tide so you don’t get cut off. You can always head up onto the cliff paths in this case which is only a 10 minute detour. 

The beauty of Perranporth is there’s something for everyone with regular swells for surfers, plus plenty of surfboard hire and lessons available. Families can have fun on the vast stretches of space, digging sandcastles or playing games. Keep adventuring around the iconic Rock Arch and Chapel Rock, the latter of which unveiled a tidal pool during low tide.

Adding to his, Perranporth is a bustling beach village with an array of local stores, surf shops, pubs, and restaurants. It’s everything you need for a perfect beach day, including dogs which can go on the beach all year round (short lead in summer). 

Loe Beach

Loe beach in Feock is the nearest beach to Truro. It sits at the end of the river Fal as it greets the sea in the natural harbour. Take the road out of Truro towards Falmouth, then simply follow the signposts to Feock and Loe beach. It’s a quick 10 minute drive.

It’s a fairly small beach with a mix of sand and stone. During the summer there’s plenty of parking in the waterfront boat yard. Waters are generally calm it the large bay, it’s ideal for a swim and sunbathing or you can explore the rock pools.

The tranquil waters are popular with paddleboarders and kayakers. Loe Beach Watersports centre offers a wide selection of rental to get you out on the water! Plus the cafe is on hand for refreshments.

Porthtowan Beach

porthtowan beach at sunset

Porthtowan beach is no more than 20 minutes from Truro and is a stunning place to visit. The small village is built in a large cove, surrounded by cliffs and it is marked as an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

The beach itself is sandy, although can be a little limited in space at high tide. During low tide, the sand reveals itself further allowing you to walk around to the neighbouring Porth Chapel. Surfers love it here too on the North coast and it is often quieter than the larger more well-known tourist beaches. 

A few metres from the beach is the heart of the village. In the morning, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and coffee at the local cafe. While a couple of pubs are ready to quench your thirst after a few hours in the sun. Plus you can pick up any bits and bobs you’ve forgotten from the local surf and beach shops.

For an awesome walk, head up the cliff path in an Eastern direction until you see down into Porth Chapel. Carry on down into the cove and back up the other side to reach Wheal Coats. Don’t miss a classic photo opportunity here!


gylly beach falmouth

Gyllyngvase ‘Gylly’ beach is the main beach in Falmouth. It makes for a brilliant day trip from Truro. It’s about a 30 minute drive away and gives you the enjoyment of the calm South cost along with the vibrance of Falmouth, England’s most westerly deep water port.

You can park just metres from the sandy beach so it’s easy to carry all your essentials to make camp. The area is super popular with stand-up paddle boarders and wild swimmers thanks to the serene conditions in the bay. There are waterfront bars and cafes to keep you refreshed throughout the day. Plus a watersports centre offers rental of all the equipment you can think of. During busy periods, it’s a good idea to book ahead to avoid disappointment. 

The surrounding scenery is epic with Pendennis castle overlooking the water in the distance. To the west cliffs and trees contrast the Caribbean-like waters. Once you’ve had enough of the beach, the train station and town centre are less than 10 minutes walk away. Particularly ideal if you’re looking for a dinner location to finish your day.

Holywell Bay

Holywell Bay

Holywell beach is the next bay along from Perranporth, it’s another stunning plateau of sands to explore. The drive is a little further from Truro at around 25 minutes but it’s well worth the extra time. 

This is Cornwall at its finest with expanses of golden sand, rolling waves, and turquoise sea all set against a rocky island a few hundred metres from the coast. As you drive down the coastal road you’ll pass through the small village before the twisting road reveals the ocean. Quick, it’s time to park up and run through the sand dunes like Captain Jack Sparrow in search of adventure.

The beach is yours to enjoy as you want! Surf, sunbathe, play, and explore. Take the time to survey the cliffs in search of The Holy Well & St. Cuthbert’s Cave when the tide is low.

It’s a big beach but a small village. There’s refreshment at the local cafe and bar behind the sand dunes. Adding to this, there’s a shop and pub in the heart of Hollywell.

Pendower Beach

pendower beach

For a gorgeous South coast beach near Cornwall, then take a look at Pendower. There’s something rather tranquil about the sparkling sand, tropical blue sea, and green surrounding hills. This area of the world lends itself to those looking to get lost deep in Cornwall. You can stroll around and take a dip almost uninterrupted. Walk the sands before heading up onto the cliffside to feel like your rule the lands in front of you.

During low tide, you can truly enjoy the full expanse of sand and rock pools. Although take care not to get cut off as the water closes in and restricts the beach size at high tide.

These South coast beaches on the Roseland Heritage Coast are very close to Truro as the crow flies. But it can take 30 minutes or more to arrive by car. You’ll need to take a wiggly route around the rivers and waterways down single-car country roads. Don’t worry, the scenery makes for a lovely drive.

Parking is easy at the National Trust car park (free with membership) and a local cafe is there for your enjoyment.

Sunny Corner

sunny corner truro

Sunny Corner is a 15 minute stroll from the centre of Truro. But before you get to excited, I should say that it is not a beach as such. It is a lovely place to sit in the sun and enjoy peace and quiet in Truro. (There’s no sand and swimming is not advisable.)

If you’re looking for somewhere to relax with a book or a sandwich then sunny corner will do nicely. It’s also a resting spot on the walk to Malpas. To get here walk down Malpas road to Boscawen park. There’s a cafe here to grab a coffee. Then continue past Truro cricket club. Here the river widens and fills its basin at higher tides. 

Sit back and relax, enjoy the local bird life, and peer into the distant green hills.

FAQ About Truro Beaches

Does Truro have a beach?

No, Truro does not have its own beach. It is located slightly inland, although a tidal river does run through the city. You will need to drive at least 10 minutes to Loe or Perranporth for a sandy beach. Or you can walk to Sunny Corner for a place to relax by the water.

How far is Truro from a beach?

Truro is at least a 10 minute drive and 6 miles from the nearest beach which is Loe in Feock. For larger sandy beaches you can drive to Perranporth, Porthtowan, Hollywell Bay or Pendower which are all less than 25 minutes away.

Is Truro a seaside town?

No Truro is not a seaside town. It is the only city in Cornwall and is built by Truro river which links to the river Fal and Falmouth harbour. This allows boats to sail toward the city but it is not coastal.

Truro Beaches: Choose from North or South Coast

While Truro does not have a beach of its own, it makes a perfectly located place to explore Cornwall’s most iconic golden sands.

The closest beach Truro is Loe which is in the village of Feock. It’s a small beach welcoming swimmers and paddle boarders. For large expanses of sand and surf, then drive no more than 20 minutes to Perranporth, Porthtowan, and Hollywell Bay. While tranquil waters await at Gyllyngvase and Pendower.