Cornwall for Couples: Romantic Places to Visit & Things to Do

Written by: Eliot Prince

Planning a getaway with that special someone? 

Where better to run away to than Cornwall, full of magical and romantic spots to visit with your love!

Cornwall’s attractions for couples range from natural and mystical sights to marvellous, historical castles– and everything in between! 

In this gorgeous county, you’ll never run out of romantic things that you can do with your partner.

There are many places to visit and things to do in Cornwall for couples. Are you ready to experience them all?

Why Is Cornwall So Romantic?

Picture this:

Breathtaking cliffs and golden beaches cleave miles upon miles of rugged coastline. 

The waves gently lap the shore, creating relaxing rhythms that whisper against your ear. Meanwhile, the setting sun paints a deep hue across expansive azure seas.

Away from the salty ocean breeze, you’re on a getaway along still river waters with only you and your partner aboard a trusty kayak. 

On the banks, deer teem and thrive amid the mellow chirps of the songbirds, undisturbed as they go about their lives.

Centuries of rich history now lie secluded within castles dotting the land, the sight of their magnificence inspiring countless writers and poets across time. 

Legends of love-stricken mermaids, trickster fairies, and much more tickle the imagination, inspiring people to believe in every possibility…

Welcome to Cornwall, a place where myths and tales unfold against a spectacular backdrop of natural beauty virtually unrivalled in the rest of the United Kingdom. 

Here, romance is in the air you breathe, the sights you see, and the wonders you explore. In such a mesmerising county, it’s nigh impossible to find a place that takes away the magic of love.

This is why Cornwall is such a popular destination for lovers and couples. Beauty abounds wherever you go, and the experience is made all the richer by the person next to you!

To make your visit much more rewarding, here are several Cornish destinations that deserve a spot on your romantic itinerary. 

Don’t worry, these places—both naturally and architecturally magnificent—will never disappoint.

Romantic Places to Visit in Cornwall

St Michael’s Mount

St michaels Mount in the golden afternoon sun

Nothing has a stronger flair for romance than a beautiful, historic castle standing atop an island whose roads periodically disappear beneath the sea. This place, albeit seemingly from a fairytale, is very much real– and it’s right here in Cornwall.

St Michael’s Mount, located off the coast of Marazion, carries an air of fleeting whimsicality because of how many ways there are to reach the island. 

You can either ride a boat, or take a romantic walk along the causeway that only shows itself when the tide is low—as if it were some well-hidden secret. Or for an adventure try standup paddle boarding for a unique view!

Aside from visiting the castle itself, we recommend that you also stroll through the marvellous, terraced gardens. You may like to take a peek into the church that has stood witness to history since it was built in 1135.

Within the castle, you and your date will feel truly immersed in rich history. Different, unique artefacts are displayed throughout the castle, whether it’s a piece of Napoleon’s coat or a sofa that Queen Victoria once sat on.

Outside, you can admire the cinematic view while waiting for the sun to hang low on the horizon. 

Trust us, St Michael’s Mount is even more dramatic at sunset—the different shades of pink and orange on the horizon deeply captivate the soul.

Before heading back to Marazion, end your escapade on a warm note by grabbing a quick bite at the island cafe.

Raring to go for a drink while in the area? Visit The Kings Arms for a selection of delicious food paired with real ales. In quiz nights every Tuesday, show off your teamwork and best other couples in a game of wits and knowledge.

Another popular destination is Fire Engine Inn, where you can enjoy toasting wine with your partner while overlooking the bay. St Michael’s Mount remains visible in the distance, glinting like a lantern at night.

St Nectan’s Glen

Cornwall is rich in natural wonders which transport you into all sorts of magical places—a perfect destination for you and your partner! 

And what better place to visit than perhaps the most spiritual spot in all of Cornwall—St Nectan’s Glen?

Along a mystical woodland path surrounded by ferns, ancient trees, and the sound of birdsong and babbling brooks, it’s easy to see why the place has inspired countless tales of fairies, pixies, and other mythical creatures.

While traversing the trail, you’ll see the ribbons and tokens respectfully adorning the trees or along the path. Past visitors have left these mementos as a tribute to the spiritual presence blanketing the forest.

At the end of the path, you’ll be greeted by a view of the gorgeous St Nectan’s Kieve, the crown jewel of St Nectan’s Glen. The River Trevillet carved this 60-foot waterfall through the rocks, and the resulting wonder is nothing short of breathtaking.

The waters of St Nectan’s Kieve are even said to have magical healing properties– although the healing may come from just the sight of something so spectacular! 

st nectars glen

From the pool at the base of the kieve, another waterfall flows into the valley below. 

There’s even a third hidden waterfall a short way off the main track! Do you think you and your partner will be able to find it? Just make sure the fairies don’t lead you both astray!

Make sure you stop by the Arbour before heading off from St Nectan’s Glen. This ornate, leaf-like structure is the heart of romance at the glen as it is, in fact, used for love ceremonies.

Small weddings (or elopements) are performed at the Arbour, as well as handfasting—a beautiful Celtic ritual of joining two people together through the ceremonial binding of their hands together.

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle

After an enchanting trip to St Nectan’s Glen, it’s time to head over to another incredible island castle! This time, it’s one that’s steeped in history and rich in legends—the Tintagel Castle.

The word “dramatic” seems to be an understatement when describing this magnificent piece of architecture. After all, Tintagel Castle straddles a divided landscape—half of it rests on the mainland while the other half sits atop a headland.

To reach the castle itself, you’ll cross a footbridge that gives you gasp-worthy cliff top views of the swirling sea below. 

Although this once formidable stronghold now lies in ruins, wandering through its grounds will give you a glimpse of its long history.

For your date, you can either book a guided tour and learn the magical and complex history of the area, or explore on your own through the self-guided option.

Once the site of Cornish kings, Tintagel Castle is also known for its association with the legendary King Arthur who was said to have been conceived here. 

A towering statue of the legendary king has even been erected on the island, and it’s a sight you won’t want to miss!

A day of exploration around Tintagel Castle wouldn’t be complete without visiting the island garden, rock pools, fringing picturesque beaches, and even the mystical Merlin’s Cave accessible only at low tide.

There’s also a beach cafe that features classic Cornish fare, such as cream tea and pasties—perfect for replenishing your energies during the exploration.

Porthgwarra Cove

porthgwerra cove from above

While a tour through multiple famous spots sparks excitement, some alone time together is also sought-after. 

If you’re looking for a secluded spot by the coast where you can experience Cornish beauty at a slower pace, look no further than Porthgwarra Cove. 

A hidden gem along the coast near Porthcurno, Porthgwarra Cove is a relatively lesser known location that features a cobbled causeway leading to a small, sandy beach and crystal-clear waters. 

On the rocky cliffs fringing the cove, wildflowers adorn the grass, giving the area a romantic mood that will have you confessing your love all over again.

The cove is a perfect place for a picnic, leisurely swim, or soaking up some sun. Exercise caution, however, as there’s no lifeguard on duty in the area.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the cliffs nearby are popular rock climbing spots, and there are also many rock pools and tunnels waiting for you to discover.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about getting hungry during your visit because a cafe operates near the beach. 

Serving light lunches and all sorts of pasties and cream teas, you’ll enjoy munching together while staring at the landscape around you.

Before heading to this inviting part of the coast, make sure to check the currents, tide, and weather, and prepare appropriately. Getting swept out to sea is sure to dampen the romance

Land’s End

Sunset and sunrise at Land's End

At the “end of the world”, will your love still hold fast? Why not answer the question together at Land’s End

As the most southwestern point of England that faces the vast Atlantic Ocean all the way to the horizon, it’s unsurprising how Land’s End earned its moniker.

Here, steep cliffs mark the sudden transition between land and sea, giving way to churning waters below that are equal parts mesmerising and magical. 

Let your eyes wander over granite pillar formations and across stunning stretches of sparkling, blue ocean, all the way to the Isles of Scilly and Longship Lighthouse. The view alone makes Land’s End a worthy stop to visit!

Land’s End is also associated with King Arthur. It’s said that a part of the king’s territories between Land’s End and the Isles of Scilly were swallowed up by the sea, never to be found again.

During your visit, take a walk along the cliff top while appreciating the sights of beautiful wildflowers and fascinating natural rock structures. 

As you rest amid the breathtaking scenery, keep an eye out for razorbills and Cornish chough as well as seals, dolphins, and the occasional shark. Land’s End isn’t just a popular spot for humans; it’s also a place where wildlife flourishes.

Want an iconic couple photo? There’s no better spot here at Land’s End than the signpost that provides distances to New York and John O’Groats!

Make sure you don’t miss out on visiting the historic First and Last Inn that has opened its doors to everyone (even smugglers!) since the seventeenth century. 

While you’re here, dine in style at the Land’s End restaurant that features gourmet local fare, indulgent cocktails, and lighter Cornish classics. 

If you’re visiting in the summer, you can enjoy live music and a vibrant and magical fireworks display illuminating the ocean in the evenings.

Frenchman’s Creek

The romantic Frenchman’s Creek cottage in Cornwall

Looking for a cosy and iconic place to stay? If so, Frenchman’s Creek has the most romantic cottage in Cornwall—could be the place for you! 

Frenchman’s Creek Cottage is surrounded by mystical woodland and features a wood burner, a charming garden, and everything you might need for your stay. Staying secluded in your private, little space away from the rest of the world is an appealing thought!

While the cottage is accessible by boat at high tide, it’s only a quick walk to a charming pub and restaurant if you get tired of cooking or fancy some local chat and a tipple. 

The cottage– as well as the nearby creek from which it gets its name– has been the inspiration for several literary works including Maria Pendragon’s The Helford River and, of course, Daphne du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek.

For those wanting to experience the creek and surrounding woodlands, but perhaps not stay the night, there is a short loop walk from Helford that also visits the area.

Kynance Cove

Still craving another trip to the beach? 

Head over to Kynance Cove, a stunning part of the coast at western Lizard that features white sand, turquoise waters, and gorgeous rock formations. 

Here, you can explore amazing caves and tidepools and relax at the cafe over some delicious local meal or snack. 

The cove is a not-so-hidden gem of the Cornish coast, so you might want to visit during the off-peak season—or early morning or evening—if you want a more private experience. 

Regardless, the views and vibes of Kynance Cove definitely make it worth the trip.. 

For something quite magical (and a little more off the beaten path), visit the Kynance Mermaid Pool, just a short walk west of the cove. 

This deep blue natural sea pool is more secluded as it’s hidden by the cliffs and slightly difficult to get to, but is a stunning place to take a plunge. 

Lost Gardens of Heligan

lost gardens of helligan

The magical Lost Gardens of Heligan went missing for nearly 80 years! 

When the workers and gardeners of the Heligan Estate departed to fight in World War I, the sprawling mansion and its acres of elaborate gardens fell into disrepair. 

Eventually, the walled gardens were completely concealed by ivy and brambles—until their door was stumbled upon in 1990. 

Having undergone Europe’s largest garden restoration project since then, the Heligan gardens have now been restored to their former glory and are a must-see on any romantic trip to Cornwall! 

The wistful and mysterious air of these Cornish gardens makes for an amazing stroll through the Pleasure Grounds, with plants from around the world and gurgling cupid-styled fountains. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can delve into the UK’s only outside jungle with water features, rope bridges, and, of course, a spectacular array of tropical plants to keep you occupied. 

End your visit with a hearty lunch of food sourced primarily on the estate itself, including fruit and vegetables grown in the gardens and home-reared meats. 

The Minack Theatre

minack theatre

The Cornish coast is already magical on its own, but when paired with a theatre performance, it becomes all the more dazzling. 

An open-air theatre perched on a cliffside, The Minack Theatre is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Developed in 1931, The Minack Theatre overlooks the sparkling ocean amid the rugged and jagged features of the coast. 

With its terraced, subtropical gardens teeming with an assortment of exotic plants alongside a stage that seems to float over the Atlantic, The Minack Theatre is a place you wouldn’t dare miss! 

Here, you get the grandeur of an ancient Greek amphitheatre with the comforts of modern amenities and modern shows. Past performances have included speakers, a Shakespeare adaptation, and local and international musicians.

Cuddle up while munching on snacks and hot and cold drinks available to purchase. You can also bring your own food and drink, and BYO alcohol is also welcome! 

There’s no better spot to watch immersive entertainment or just admire the incredible view.

Advance bookings are required both for the shows and looking around, so make sure to plan ahead!


Charlestown fishing village in Cornwall from above

Located close to St Austell, Charlestown is a little fishing village that has gone vastly unchanged since the nineteenth century. 

During your visit here, you’ll experience the charm of its cobbled streets and the historic harbour that’s often used as a filming site due to its unspoiled back-in-time appearance. 

While near the area, you can take a stroll in the Pinetum Gardens which features over 6000 different plants– both local and exotic. 

Learn some local history and view an amazing selection of historical artefacts at the Shipwreck Treasure Museum. You’ll also even have the opportunity to explore underground tunnels.

Want to be pampered? Indulge in the spa and beauty experience at the Carlyon Bay Hotel!

The spa is open to guests as well as residents and features a range of different treatment packages, stunning indoor and outdoor heated spas, and other indulgent options. 

Romantic Things to Do in Cornwall

Book a Luxury Hotel

Nathan Outlaws Gust House

If you’re really looking to impress your certain someone, or to mark a special occasion with them, why not splurge and treat them to a luxurious couples’ escape? 

A fancy hotel stay is the perfect excuse to spend some private quality time with your partner, and a great way to treat them to the luxury they deserve!

If you’re looking to really surprise your partner, most hotels are more than happy to help you organise something special for them, like a yummy breakfast in bed, or even flowers upon arrival.

Even better, there’s no shortage of luxury hotels in Cornwall!

If you’re looking for something traditional and classy, the Padstow Townhouse on the North coast of Cornwall offers a townhouse-style stay, with luxe furnishings in an 18th century townhouse.

Chapel House in Penzance offers a slightly more contemporary take on the townhouse stay, with breathtaking views of both Penzance Harbour and St Michael’s Mount. 

For an extra treat, try booking a room at the Scarlet Hotel in Mawgan Porth. A stunning adult-only eco-friendly spa retreat, you can enjoy unspoilt sea views from every room here. 

Be sure to check out their “Curated Breaks” for spa, stay, and dining packages, too.

No matter what you’re looking for on your romantic getaway, there’s somewhere in Cornwall for you.

Long Walks on the Beach

gwithian beach

It’s simple and maybe a little bit cliché, but there’s nothing more romantic than long walks on the beach.

With a myriad of sparkling sandy beaches all over Cornwall’s coastline, this is the perfect couples’ activity for you and your partner.

Wherever you are in the county, you won’t be far from some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. 

Even if it’s a little too chilly to get in the water, why not bring a picnic along? Or just plan for a stroll hand-in-hand, watching the waves together. 

If you’re lucky, you may even get to see some of the incredible sea life and birds who make the south-west of England their home!

You really can’t go wrong with any sandy beach in Cornwall, but some great beaches to visit include:

  • Kynance Cove at Lizard Peninsula
  • Porthcurno Beach
  • Perranporth Beach

Recreate Romantic Scenes from Poldark

Holywell bay is a famous scene location from Poldark and beautiful at  Sunset

If you or your partner are die-hard Poldark fans — whether of the books, the seventies TV series, or more recent BBC series — why not head to the real-life locations where the show was filmed.

You could even recreate some of the iconic (and infamous) romantic scenes from the series and recreate them yourself. Channel the energy of Ross and Demelza, walking across the very locations that inspired Winston Graham to write the books!

Holywell Bay was heavily used in Poldark’s filming as the Warleggans’s land. You may recognise the dramatic Gull Rocks from many important scenes in the series, including — of course — some of their more romantic scenes!

Another well known Poldark filming location is Porthgwarra, where several key scenes were filmed. This includes the famous scene of Ross going for a skinny dip, with Demelza watching from above…

(Though we maybe recommend keeping your clothes on for this portion of your romantic break!)

Porthcurno and Pendn Vounder beach, which connect at low tide, was also used as the filming location for the fictional Nampara Cove in the series.

And if you need to brush up on your Poldark, what a great excuse to binge the series with your partner before you head out to Cornwall. Just remember to keep the bedroom scenes to the bedroom!

Go Dolphin Spotting

dolphin pod near lands end
Dolphin pod near Lands End

For nature lovers, exploring Cornwall’s diverse wildlife is an absolute must do when visiting the area. 

Cornwall’s subtropical coastal climate means that a whole host of marine wildlife can be found in these waters, including multiple species of Cornish dolphins. 

Three of these, the common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, and rarer Risso’s dolphin, can be regularly spotted swimming around the Cornish coast.

Why not take your significant other dolphin watching from the shoreline of one of Cornwall’s many beautiful beaches or cliff sides? 

Or take a boat tour from a coastal town — such as Padstow or St Ives — for a chance to get up close and personal with these creatures in their natural habitat.

While you’re dolphin spotting, make sure to also keep an eye out for other marine animals, such as grey seals, harbour porpoises, and basking sharks that can all be found around the region.

Taste Local Fine Dining

The front of Outlaws Fish Michelin Star Restaurant

Did you know that sharing food is proven to be an indicator of how intimate you are in a romantic relationship? By sharing food, we actually create and strengthen social bonds.

And where’s a better place to do it than in Cornwall?

Cornwall has an incredible local food scene — and we mean more than just a Cornish pasty! Many towns are known for their restaurants, so you’re almost guaranteed to have a delicious meal wherever you go. 

Why not munch on locally-caught seafood in a coastal fishing village, grab a coffee from a café, or treat yourself to one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Cornwall. 

Truly, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Wherever you go, you and your special someone will be able to share a delicious meal, spend some quality time together, and make memories that’ll last long after your trip ends!

Experience Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

Camel Valley wineglass at the vineyard

Ready your wine palate! In addition to delicious eateries, Cornwall also has a wine industry which — while relatively small — produces some fabulous wine. 

Thanks to the regions’ biodiversity, you can find all sorts of wine here. And did you know that Cornish sparkling whites make up two thirds of the wine produced in the region? 

All the more reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly to share with your partner!

Head to Camel Valley in Bodmin for a tour around the first vineyard established in the region, and taste some of their award winning wines.

Or, if you’re near Penzance, go for a tour around Polgoon Vineyard, another family-run business. They also produce ciders and juices.

With only eight wineries in Cornwall, you could probably visit them all! Just remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Relax with a Spa Day

Infinity pool spa overlooking the Cornwall coast

Why not take advantage of the serenity of the Cornish coast and relax and unwind with your partner at a spa day?

There are plenty of luxury spas and spa hotels scattered around the county, including:

We’ve already mentioned the Scarlet Hotel as an accommodation option, but if you aren’t staying there, you can always book into their day spa for the ultimate pampering experience.

Think facials, spa pools, saunas, and — of course — a couples’ massage!

If the idea of a spa day for your and your partner sounds like the ultimate treat, then this could be a great option for the two of you to enjoy together.

Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

loe beach paddle boarding SUP

Learning a skill together is a fun thing to do as a couple, so why not try learning stand-up paddle boarding at one of Cornwall’s wonderful beaches! 

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to explore the coastline, though it requires a little bit of dexterity and is harder than it looks! Luckily, there are plenty of local surf schools who’ll be able to instruct you in the art of stand-up paddleboarding.

Or, for the more experienced among you – just hire a board and head to the water!

Cornwall has some of the best surf beaches in the world, with the renowned Fistral Bay and Watergate Bay in Newquay. 

Though, if you’re looking for somewhat calmer waters, try Marazion or Polkerris Beach.

And, of course, stand-up paddleboarding isn’t the only water activity you can try your hand at! There’s a reason why Cornwall is a top surfing and bodyboarding destination in the UK, so why not give it a go with your partner?

The Bottom Line

Cornwall is an incredible spot to visit regardless of who you go with, but going with your significant other? 

Well, that’s just a touch more magical!

Whether you’re looking for a chill romantic break, a historical one, a foodie experience, or a more active date idea, there’s no end to fun things to do for couples in Cornwall.

All that’s left for you to do is to pack your bags and head over to the south-west of England for the ultimate romantic getaway.

With many romantic places in Cornwall, you and your darling will have a hard time squeezing them all in during your trip! 

Whether you choose to swim in secluded coves, waltz about ancient castles, or hide away in the enchanted woodlands, you and yours are sure to have the time of your lives!